10 Best Grid Tie Inverter Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Most of our home appliances like fan, television, or refrigerator run on alternating current (AC). However, imagine you decide to opt for an unconventional, yet effective way of obtaining electricity such as through electricity panels.

The only problem is that the current generated from such panels is direct current (DC), which is not compatible with any of the home appliances. So, how do you convert the direct current and make it functional with your products?

The answer would be to use a grid tie inverter. This is an intricate circuit that is installed to convert the DC to AC . Grid tie inverters are especially handy for converting renewable energy into DC.

You may have a few questions about the product itself, and this article aims to answer all of them.

What does a Grid Inverter Do

Long answer short, a grid inverter simply does the task of converting the alternating current into direct current, but the procedure of this task is very complex and intricate.

Every electrical grid has been uniquely made, and it is absolutely essential that the inverter has mutual characteristics of the grid to convert the electricity. You do not need to be bored with the complexity of it; however, you do need to know the use of these inverters.

Our general home appliances are manufactured to work under altering voltage and current; hence, AC is the only option. On the other hand, if you are going to produce electricity through a hydroelectric power plant, windmill, or a solar panel, it will be DC.

Likewise, any form of renewable energy will provide you with DC, which is not applicable to our electrical products. In addition, an inverter matches with the grid and coverts electricity. It also doubles up as a safety feature during a power outage.

Our Best Grid Tie Inverter Picks

It is obvious that different electrical grids would require different inverters, let alone different form of renewable energy. You would need a converter, specifically for converting DC produced by a solar panel and a separate converter for electricity produced by a windmill.

However, there are specific models which are excellent and provide the promised value. As the device is fairly unknown and complicated, let us talk about the reasons we picked as our favorites.

1. Solinba 1000w Pure Sine Wave Grid Tie Power Inverter DC22-56v to AC90 -130v for Solar System USA Plug

To start off our list, we present a grid tie that offers both power and efficiency in high amounts. Among Grid ties, Solinba constantly offers superb quality and powerful grid ties for a complete and effective solar-powered home set up. Subsequently, this grid tie will cater to all your power needs and more.

Accordingly, one of the biggest concerns of anything of this sort is safety. None of us want a volatile and potentially hazardous grid tie at our homes. This unit, however, comes with over current, over temperature, reverse polarity and island protection.

Moreover, the DC and AC also have protective fuses. It is also specially coated in an aluminum shell. Thus, you do not have to worry much about your safety with this at home,.

In terms of power, this beast does not slouch. It offers a bigger DC voltage range from 22v-56v. That amount of voltage can invert 90 to 130 voltage into AC output. Furthermore,, the input has to have an initial range for it to work effectively and generate the required output.

The initial input must be within the range of 37.8 to 48V. Under normal circumstances, the solinba is capable to provide 950 watt power, but the maximum power it can dish out is 1000 watts.

The specific inverter is lightweight about 3.7 kgs and is portable. It was specifically designed to function with a solar grid of 24v outage, but if the wind generator is in the same range, this model will be functional. It really is a user friendly and an efficient solar grid tie inverter as it has LED lights to indicate different status.


  • Cooling features
  • Safety jacket
  • Maximum power capacity of 1000 watt
  • Comes with a power cord and user manual


  • Requires an initial input voltage range

2. Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC20-45V Solar Input AC90-140V Output for 24V 30V 36V PV Panel

The next entry in our list is a master of efficiency and the pride of the reputable Y&H brand. With a broad range of output and tons of lucrative features, this unit shines as one of their bests. You will see that this is the grid tie your power grid needs.

When using any kind of appliance, it is an inescapable fact that some power is wasted away. A certain amount of energy will always wind up lost during the conversion phase. That is where this unit changes the game entirely.

It has state of the art maximum power point tracking technology; the finest of its kind. It has a range of 26V to 36V. When using this grid tie, you must make sure that you place the Vmp of the solar panel within the range of the MPPT range.

This condition is to ensure the best possible efficiency is extracted from the device. The creativity elevates the peak efficiency to a staggering 99%. Clearly, one of the most efficient and economical grid tie solar inverter in the list.


  • Unsurpassed 99% power efficiency
  • Certified CE ROHS
  • Innovative MTTP technology
  • Reliable Island protection
  • Lightweight and reasonably priced
  • Perfect compatibility with solar panels within the 30V to 36V range


  • Loses efficiency when Vmp is not within the MPPT’s range
  • Cannot run with a 12V battery
  • Lacks more nuanced protection options

3. ECO-WORTHY 1000W Solar on Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter MPPT PV System DC 45-90V to AC90-140v

This entry holds its own while dishing out tremendous power like a tank. When making solid and powerful grids, ECO-WORTHY has a history of delivering high-quality heavy-duty grid ties. If you want a device that has it all in terms of power and features, this entry might just be for you.

A big concern with setting up grid ties is the set up itself. For an amateur, such a task can be highly arduous and difficult. This unit, however, avoids that hurdle entirely. The unit is simple to install, and the installation cost itself is quite affordable as well.

It can make the most out of any kind of building even in a bustling metropolis. This model has been built to be a staple of independence, while also exemplifying the power of unity. Alone, it can act as a separate grid-tie system. By combining many , it can become the set-up for a large solar array.

To top it all off, it also provides a vast amount of protection features. It comes with over current protection, over temperature protection and reverse polarity protection while remaining low power consuming. It can also dish out power through high output ranges and 92% peak inverter efficiency.


  • High sustain with many protection facilities
  • Impressive 92% peak inverter efficiency
  • Wide output rangeWide output range
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile features
  • Strong build and study construction
  • Very low maintenance cost


  • It is very heavy weighing 11.44 pounds
  • It is more expensive than its contemporaries

4. iMeshbean 250W 300W 500W 600W 1000W 2500W Grid Tie MPPT Power Inverter Converter for Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Generator System Stackable Pure Sine Wave USA (600W Solar Input 10.8v - 30v DC)


Now that we have mentioned plenty of high-end models, let us discuss a simpler, yet effective device and cost-effective device. iMeshbean offers a great range of affordable and effective devices. This unit proves to be their posterchild for such models.

It churns out an impressive normal AC output of 600W while being able to produce an AC output power of 650W at its maximum. Its AC output voltage range goes from 90V to 140V and DC input voltage ranges from 11V to 32V. It manages to maintain less than 5 % Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) with a power factor of 0.99.

Accordingly, the AC output frequency ranges from 46Hz to 65Hz. It can proudly offer 92% peak inverter efficiency, and pure sine-wave output current wave by consuming less than 0.5W power. On standby mode, it is a very economical device.

In addition, the device comes with MPPT function and a plethora of protection facilities which always keeps the device and yourself safe. What all these features essentially give you is a very solid device with all the essentials of a typical grid tie while maintaining a very low purchasing and maintenance cost.

So, if you are not on a budget and just looking for a reliable and cheap grid tie, your search may just be over with this fantastic unit.


  • Low cost
  • All the essential features of a grid tie
  • Light weight
  • 92% peak efficiency
  • Stackable with multiple units


  • Might be plagued with short longevity
  • Inferior in quality due to lower cost

5. Aims Power 250 Watt Micro Grid Tie Inverters with Trunk Cables, Easy Installation Connect to 240V Outlet or Panel UL/CEC/CSA Cert

Aims PIGRID2501T

Last entry, although a superb model in its own right, it’s lacking in terms of quality and longevity. Now we will be flipping the switch by introducing a grid tie that simply never dies. This Aims unit is bound to have your jaw dropped as it becomes a permanent resident of your household.

What separates this model from the ones discussed before are its trunk cables. These weighty and sturdy yet adequately flexible cables offer a ton of protection and superb connection with next to no latency. The cables take up about 16 pounds weight for a good reason.

These essential cables come with the grid-tie and can easily be installed into your grid set up for maximum effectiveness.

Likewise, this beast is capable of pumping out an output of 250W to 300W. It comes with MPPT technology which has a wide range of 27V to 48V. Its operating range extends from 16V to as much as 60V. These wide ranges give you a lot of space and freedom to move, control and organize your grid.

Even the cables could be long and heavy, the device is incredibly easy to install. You will not have to find yourself fumbling around with instructions trying to figure the machine out.

Finally, the level of quality these models are made with places long warranties as an assurance of its longevity.


  • Very impressive operation range
  • Great output generated
  • Longevity guaranteed
  • Easy to Install


  • The cables are very heavy
  • Heavy cables can inflate shipping costs

6. Mophorn 1200W MPPT Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC 110V Micro Inverter (1200W 110V)


Whoever said that power grids cannot be cool? Mophorn brings you a model that brings out the best in grid ties while also exemplifying sleek design in both functionality and aesthetics. Moreover, the intelligent design and the advanced functionalities elevate this grid tie to a height that its contemporaries can never reach.

A lot of the grid ties we have talked about offered many different types of protection and safety facilities. However, all of it is futile against water, not this Mophorn model though.

With its IP65 waterproof class, no amount of rainwater can erode its surface, but it is advised to connect the device in parallel. This will minimize safety hazards drastically.

In terms of power, this has tons to spare. It comes with built-in high-quality MPPT algorithm making the most out of your solar panels absorbing, storing and utilizing the energy as effectively as possible.

Moreover, its reverse power transmitted function allows it to transmit extra electricity to the grid; most effectively utilizing the energy.

As a result, you will not have to bother with this solar grid tie inverter commands anymore. Manually shutting down and starting up will be a thing of the past.

Similarly, standard power regulation will not be a concern as the intelligent monitoring function allows the inverter to collect information in real-time by assessing the situation and taking the best action without any need for your input.


  • Waterproof design
  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Powerful output range
  • Intelligent monitoring takes decisions without user input
  • Highly efficient power utilization


  • Relatively more expensive
  • The outlet plug is bothersome to handle

7. LiSos 500w Solar Grid Tie Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave DC11-28v to AC90-130v V1


You found a perfect solar panel charger that suits all your needs, but it is heavy and bulky? At this stage, you do not want to add any more weight to the arrangement, which is why you require an extra light but super efficient inverter? Well, LiSos is the best solution to your problem.

Weighing just about 1.8 kg the LiSos is extremely portable and flexible. You can connect it to the solar panel arrangement however you like. It is also compactly packed into a rectangular shaped device; hence, will not require much space to be attached.

Like other typical inverters, this one also requires an initial input voltage of 18.7 to 24v without which it cannot function as it promises. Given the size and weight of the product, it produces typically 420 watt power but is capable of producing 500 watt.

It automatically adjusts to 46-65Hz frequency for the inverter to convert the required amount of voltage.

This model has premium features of automatic power tracking sensor which tracks the luminosity of the product. It has a safety fuse to protect the solar panel as well as the inverter from overpower. The aluminum shell acts as an excellent insulator against heat.


  • 90% peak efficiency
  • Portable and light weight
  • User friendly
  • Available stackable units
  • Safety features against over power
  • Aluminum shell cover


  • Gives combatively less output

8. PowMr 80A Solar Charge Controller, 12V 24V System 1920W Solar Power PWM Charge Controller


Reverse discharge among solar panel chargers is a common problem unless they have built-in diode to avoid the problem. If you do not want to invest in a sole charger controller, you might be interested in the PowMr as it not only acts as a charger controller but also inverts voltage and current from alternate to direct mode.

A built-in diode basically restricts the reverse trickling down of power when in low voltage and is very important for panels to preserve energy. This inverter has been designed to aid in this field and also protects the arrangement from reverse polarity.

These products are very sensitive as they deal with extreme levels of heat and energy. However, any addition of safety feature is good news, which is why PoweMr has aluminum that allows to absorb the heat and dissipates it.

At the same time, this model needs a specific amount of humidity to perform, which is 90% or more. The rated voltage on the device is 12 to 24v that is automatically detected.

However, it can handle the maximum voltage of 48v from the solar panels. It is advised that the inverter should not be connected to the battery directly rather connected to the panel charger.

PowMr is equipped with a temperature sensor with an 80A solar charger controller for detecting the temperature and the current. It is relatively light weight of about 730g and looks like a vintage telephone set. With all these features, this model is one of the best grid tie inverters.


  • Does not require initial input voltage
  • Aluminum allow heat sink
  • Protects from reverse charge and polarity
  • Temperature sensor
  • Acts as a charger controller
  • Vintage look and feel


  • Cannot be connected to the battery directly
  • Cannot properly handle 80 amp

9. Solar Epic Micro Grid Tie Inverter 600W Stackable w/MPPT 22-60V DC Input 110V outpu

SolarEpic YC-C061

Solar panel chargers, charger controllers, all these are already technical products that require a specific amount of knowledge about how to use and install them. If you are on the hunt for a simple and easy install inverter, the solar epic will be a great micro grid tie inverter.

This device is capable of generating tremendous power of 600 watts by converting 110V of electricity. The range it inverts direct current (DC) into AC is 90 to 140V. This output voltage is respectable as most of the home appliances fall under this range.

Hence, the solar epic inverter is a good investment for maintaining the solar panel chargers. No one wants to deal with extra hassle because of the product being notoriously hard to install. Given the fact that its other contemporaries are already technical, the solar epic brings ease of installment to the table.

It is also small and compact and weighs about 4.5 pounds. It is to be noted that the device cannot draw power from the solar panel chargers as input current and has to be connected to an external power source.

However, it is perfectly compatible with arrangements that produce at least 30 to 36V. As mentioned earlier, the inverters need to match the uniqueness of the electrical grids. Therefore, this model has been built with unique design and has varied components.


  • Compatible with 30 to 36v panels
  • Functions perfectly with high-frequency isolation
  • Compact and efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Portable
  • User-friendly


  • Due to heat generation, the external parts are prone to melting

10. Enocy 500w Solar Panel Converter on Grid Tie Inverter Generator D22-56v to AC90-130v(D22-56v, Silver)


Dealing with renewably generated electricity circuits is a risky business. As the generated output is never stable, it is very important that the contemporary products that are used with the panel charger provide the best protection.

So, if you are on the hunt of an inverter that will put ease to your mind about safety hazards, you should definitely opt for Enocy.

Like the other standard tie inverters, this model also requires an initial voltage input without which the device cannot function properly. The range at which the initial input should be provided is 37 to 48v. It can work with a varied range of voltage from D22-56v and has the capability to provide an AC input of 90 to 130v.

The general AC output power that this device can provide is 450 watt but has pushed to 500 watt as well. The power factor on this device is .99.

A point that the users themselves should be aware of is that the inverter needs to be connected to the home grid and cannot directly power to home appliances. If not taken precautionary steps, the inverter may fuse.

On the other hand, to protect from external over current, this device has measurers. It can also prevent reverse discharge and reverse polarity.

Accordingly, to prevent overheating, the Enocy has an aluminum shell and cooling fan system that keeps the overall arrangement balanced. This device is also portable and compact.


  • Extensive safety features
  • 500 watt maximum output power
  • Power factor at .99
  • Compatible with high frequency
  • Peak inverter efficiency at 90%


  • Needs to be connected to a home grid only

What Makes a Good Grid Tie Inverter?

The best grid tie inverters in the market need to have some specific qualifications to get the users trust. For example, the grid tie solar inverter should be able to optimize with the solar panels. Similarly, the converters also need to be meticulous about the output it provides. Some key elements that make a good solar tie inverter are:

Output Power

The output power dished out by the inverters is very important as it will generate the various appliances inside the home and other motors.

As the solar panels are powered through renewable energy, it is obvious that the general power output would be less. Moreover, after conversion from DC to AC, there is a discrepancy of power. Despite that, a good converter should be able to generate at least 500 watt.

Voltage Supply

The voltage supply depends on the amount of voltage the inverter itself can work with. Some devices come with a clear indication of the specific voltage range it needs.

Some devices also require an initial input voltage to function effortlessly. If the supply of voltage is not adequate, the product will not perform to its peak efficiency and in turn, it will incur a loss in power supply. The voltage supply varies from solar grid tie inverter to micro grid tie inverter.

Maximum Efficiency

This is the result of two variables, the amount of energy consumed to the amount of energy provided as output. The efficiency of the device can be an easy indicator of whether the device will suit your needs.

Taking out the natural loss of energy due to the conversion, the best grid tie inverters offer 90 to 95 percent efficiency.

Input and Output Current

Given the main function of inverters to covert the type of current, it is essential for a user to know the range at which the current is provided as an output by the product. It has to be noted that the input and output current will always vary from one another.

IP Rating

Since the inverters are mostly placed outdoor, it comes in contact with wind and dust and water. This can be harmful to the device which is why they need to have higher IP ratings. Higher IP rating means the device has a greater chance to outstand the external environment. IP45 and IP65 are commonly found among the inverters.


Any device that toys with electricity and production of electricity must be given utmost caution. This is why the inverters that the user is willing to buy must be certified under the national council. It is also wise to choose brands that are trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the grid tie inverters generate power on its own?

The function of grid tie inverter is predominantly to convert the current from direct to alternating and also aid in other ways, but the inverters do not generate its own power.

Q. Where to use grid tie inverters

This device comes in use when electricity is produced through renewable sources.

Q. Can the limiters also be used as a stackable component?

The limiters that are necessary for the inverter can be stacked.

Q. Are RV inverters different?

Yes, rv inverters are different. Learn more about this here.

Q. Are the inverters designed for a specific renewable panel work for other panels?

If the inverter meets the input voltage and range, it can be used on all types of renewable charger panels.

Q. What is the standard output power provided by inverters?

450 to 500 watt.

Final Verdict

Grid tie inverters are an absolute must if you want to get any use out of renewable power sources. There are many options to pick and choose from when it comes to inverters, and there are even options for specific products for specific grids.

So, if you have taken the first step towards a greener and cleaner energy. it might invest in an inverter and start decreasing your carbon footprint.

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