How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

As a pool owner, we always aim to achieve the best state of water throughout the entire pool. We would not want to swim in a swimming pool consisting of debris and leaves, which is why most prefer to install pool covers to prevent it from getting dirty for as long as possible.

Though, with today's innovation of solar pool covers, not only does it help the environment in some cases, but it also keeps your water warm which makes it a 2 in 1 investment!

It is known to minimize water loss and also reduces your energy costs, which makes most of the owners interested in buying solar pool covers. To know if it is suitable for you, here are some of its features and information which is worth a look.

What Is A Solar Pool cover?

The cover is known for its unique function- not only does it prevent evaporation that causes pools in most areas to lose a small amount of water, but it also heats the water which means that you would not need an electric or gas heater to achieve this goal.

Specifically, it caters to those who prefer hot temperature, especially on a cold day. With it, you can have a pool full of clean and heated water any time you want. Moreover, there will be no onset of evaporation which will reduce water from your pool.

It works by harnessing the energy from the Sun and then transferring it into the pool to keep it nice and warm. The level of heat in the water will depend on your geographical location.

A Two-Step Process To Install A Solar Pool Cover 

Before leaving your pool unattended, you first need to ensure its state for the upcoming days.

Solar Pool Covers

Investing in a pool cover can be a way to do this, but you will need the necessary information on how to do it correctly which is why here is a step-by-step guide to getting you started:

1. Size of the cover

As you get your newly acquired solar pool cover, you may realize that it does not fit your pool perfectly. But do not worry, it happens most of the time. You will just need to make a few adjustments, which may seem like a hassle but we ensure that it is as simple as it can get.

First, you would need to measure the water capacity of your pool. Make sure you’re not looking for the overall pool dimension when you need to know the water capacity.

Keep in mind that the cover will only take up space just a few inches above the water level, and not the overall swimming pool itself.

Design the cover according to those measurements. It is advised to cut the cover precisely to prevent overlapping of the surface which results in deterioration of the cover.

2. The Bubbled Side Facing The Water

When observing the solar pool cover, you may notice that there are two different textured sides. One is bubbled while the other is normal and smooth.

You should apply the bubble side part of the cover facing the water, to keep it afloat. The bubbles are composed of air in plastic, which makes it unsinkable in the water. If you make a mistake, the cover will not function properly, which is why it is important to keep in mind.

After considering the two major process, your installment is done. It will work as it is and you can remove it or put it on again depending on how often you use your swimming pool.

Though, it is important to remember that you should always fully take away the cover when using the pool, to prevent accidents such as letting your kid or pet get stuck on the cover of the pool.

The Advantage: A Beneficial Outcome 

When buying a product, we always think of the benefits that we can get from it. To provide insight, here are some things that the solar pool cover is known for:

Retains Heat In The Pool

Solar covers are known for preventing the heat of the pool from escaping, as well as containing the heat from sun rays.

It keeps the water warm, especially at night. If you are used to using heaters, your solar pool cover may not be as effective as that for the heat solely depends on the cover’s exposure to the sun, but it can lessen its usage which results in less energy loss.

Limits Evaporation

The covers help to keep the water intact. Normally, depending on degrees, the pools without any covers lose its water easily by a few inches.

Solar Pool Covers Work

Lessens Chemical Costs

Without a decent cover, not only do you lose water, but you also lose the chemicals that are crucial to treating your water. Investing on the cover can help you solve this problem, and in return, lowers your expenditure while maintaining the quality of the pool.

Keeps The Pool Clean

The product is known to trap debris as advertised by all pool covers. It shields the pool from unwanted materials and once trapped, you can use a pool net or skimmer to remove it out.

Top 3 Recommended Solar Pool Covers

Not sure what type of solar pool cover to buy? Do not worry! Here are some pool covers with attractive features that can ensure proper protection of your swimming pool.

1. Poolcenter 12Mil

The product is made out of polyethylene. Known for its thick material, it can raise the temperature by at least ten to fifteen degrees. The air pockets are efficient to prevent water loss and to keep out dirt and debris.

It is advertised to be durable and has a seven-year warranty, which makes your cover ensured to last a long time.

Though, you should not expose it to a very bright sun most of the time, for it does not have protective layers for UV rays. It also comes in various sizes.

2. Doheny’s 5 Mil BlueBlue

It is known to be the thinnest cover there is, with a thickness of 5 mils. It is lightweight and is easy to transport. You can easily install or uninstall it, compared to other covers.

The only set back is that it is not that good in terms of heat absorption due to its thickness, and can tear apart if you apply heavy pressure in the process of installment. Its warranty is typically a year and is ideal in hot places.

3. Thermo-Tex

It is available in stores, which means that you can get a hold of it easily instead of taking the hassle of ordering one online. It is also known for its affordability, which is a win-win situation for those who do not want to spend much but want to obtain a great quality cover.

This pool cover comes in different dimensions and shapes and can meet a wide range of requirement. The cover can also warm up by a minimum of fifteen degrees. It has a UV-resistant feature and comes with a seven-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. How to remove the solar blanket covers?

To easily remove the cover, it is best to cut it in smaller panels. This enables you to remove it one part at a time. You can also use a solar cover reel if you find that option unsatisfactory.

It is used by placing it at one end of the pool, then attaching it to the end of the cover. With this, you can use a wheel to remove a cover. This may cost you a little more but it makes the work easy.

If you want to do it manually, pull the cover off and fold it back and forth which is similar to an accordion fold. This can help you get the water off of the cover and then you’ll have to dry the remaining water by sections.

2. How to properly store the solar covers?

When storing it, you should ensure that the cover is perfectly dry to prevent any unwanted smell or mold from appearing as you take it out.

To set it up for storing, first lay it flat on a soft surface like a grass floor. Doing it on a hard surface can damage the bubbles, which in turn may affect its floating ability.

Then, use a soft brush to get rid of the dirt and excess water and rinse it afterward. Dry it using a blower. You can also do it manually by hanging it.

The cover can be stored outside, with its protective cover. Also, it is suitable to store it in storage with a lid to prevent damages caused by pests. Though, make sure that it does not receive a direct heat in the area, and therefore, store it somewhere cool.

3. When is the best time to put on the cover?

It is best to put on the cover whenever you are not using the pool. In the day time, you can keep the cover on so that it can heat the water using the rays of the Sun. If it is used at night, it will prevent heat loss and evaporation.

Final Thoughts

After obtaining a pool, you need to be careful of its state, and pool covers help with the maintenance of a pool to a great extent. It saves up time for your pool cleanup, while also helps you save energy and costs by using it.

A common mistake in using cover is not knowing what functions it can provide, which results in the products not being used to its full potential. Be aware of the benefits of installing a cover for your pool.

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