How to Become a Solar Installer?

In today’s 21st century, the abundance of solar energy usage leads to a rise in the profession of installing solar harnessing devices such as solar panels and rings.

However, it takes an intricate process and understanding in the field of solar equipment as one is solely responsible for its wiring and sustenance. Moreover, to have the job, you need to dedicate time and effort to reach the level of understanding that you should possess in the process.

Accordingly, becoming a solar installer is one thing, but being consistently good at it is another. The article will provide you with key points that you should know about its process and information.

What is a Solar Installer?

The nomenclature of the solar installer can also be referred to as Photovoltaic (PV) installer. The profession is expected to install the solar panels in different establishments such as in infrastructures and homes.

They are responsible for the safety of its usage as well as meeting the set codes for solar equipment usage.

Often, the work is located at the high ground since it is common for the installment to be done at the top of the building or the roof to achieve the maximum sunlight storage.

Job Description

In the profession, the solar installer first needs to assess the location. Then install the solar equipment by taking into consideration the preference of the client. In this way, they would make adjustments in the solar panels to fit the dimensions of the area.

It is a crucial job than expected as they also keep in mind the codes that are set, and make sure that it complies.

The wiring is then set in the panels and to the electrical system of the establishment. Aside from installing, they also do system check when needed. It can either be a solo work or as a team, That depends on if one works under a business project.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Being a Solar Installer

Being a professional solar installer ensures your credibility in the process of maintaining the solar as well as sets you a stepping stone ahead from other competitors. To know how to do so, here are the guidelines you need:

A Solar Installer

1. The Starting Age Should be at Least 18 Years Old

In almost every country, the age to be to land a decent job is 18 years. If you are 18 and up, there will be no drawbacks regarding this matter.

2. You Should Have Certification Regarding Education, Seminars, and Related Experiences for Your Credibility to be Seconded

Much vocational training is offered for this type of profession. It can also be in your colleges, depending on your area. It can be either a full-time course or a few months of extensive time.

If you have any past experiences and seminars attended regarding the matter, it is important to indicate so. This implies that you are used to the field, and contains the skills needed for it.

3. To Proceed, You Need to be Mindful about the Information Needed

You need to know the safety in photovoltaic systems, guidelines for inspection for photovoltaic systems, stand-alone photovoltaic systems, electrical safety measures, 2005 national electrical code, and photovoltaic power systems.

This gives you enough knowledge to have an initial idea in the process of installment and also to eliminate potential mishaps that may happen in the process.

4. Qualify for the Exam Set by N.A.B.C.E.P.

To get qualified, you should meet at least one minimum entry of the required tracks that was set by N.A.B.C.E.P. Once you do, you should look back to the information gained to pass the upcoming exam.

5. Pass the Exam Set by N.A.B.C.E.P.

You should pass the entry-level written exam to be a professional solar installer. The registration is within the required testing centers or as stated by your course.

6. Work as a Solar Installer

Be mindful that the credibility of being a solar installer is within three years. If you wish to maintain it, meet the requirements needed for continuing the education as a set, and install the required amount of solar equipment per year.

The renewal ascertains your updated knowledge regarding the matter as the innovation of the solar field continues to improve in the following years.

Tips to Be an Efficient Solar Installer

In maintaining your profession, you need to excel continuously in the field. To do so, here are some tips that are worth to remember:

An Efficient Solar Installer

1. Learn the Concepts and Retain It in Your Mind

Memorizing the concepts is one thing, but knowing how it works is a different story. Education regarding the process of an installment is crucial as it separates the thin line for the solar panels to work or not.

Some of the vital information that you should know are the photovoltaic process, kilowatt-hour measurement, and net-metering.

2. Situate in a Location that Has an Ample Amount of Solar Consumers

The opportunities are better in areas that engage in solar energy. The solar industry continues to grow, and with this, use it up to your advantage.

Much like in business, your advancement in the profession depends on your services, and in areas that are solar-friendly, your chances are high in this matter.

3. Building Relationship and Connections

Having connections can level up your efficiency, especially if you have a trusted individual that can provide you the things needed in the process of installment. It is a strategical move in the profession, which is why it is recommended for you to build relationships in your solar community.

Job Salary

The job requires maintaining, installing, and assembling the PV systems. It can be classified as dangerous at times since it usually requires extreme high heights while using sharp tools.

In offering your services, you should be mindful about your rate. It is so that you would know how much you can earn within each service. On average, solar installers normally receive 32,000 to 48,000 dollars depending on their experience.

Final Thoughts: A Solar Installer for Your Solar Energy Needs!

As innovation continues to rise in the field of solar equipment, so does its profession. The demand depends on the consumers’ needs. Since the number of those who engage in solar energy increases, the demand grows as well.

However, living in technological advancement, the profession can be used up to your advantage as it is expected to be preferred since the improvement continues to be taken place.

Do not know what profession suits you? Try being a solar installer!

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