How to Charge A Solar Watch?

Solar watches are very advanced technology. It has a solar panel inserted in it that generates energy for the watch’s battery. Solar watches have taken the world by a storm and many people are becoming more and more interested in this amazing gadget.

Do you own a solar watch or want to buy one? Are you wondering how to charge it as fast as possible? If you own one, you might have given some thought to the prospect of charging your watch as quickly as possible. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to charge a solar watch really fast.

Charging the Watch by Sunlight

Every solar watch dial has a meter that indicates whether the watch needs to be charged or not. Check the indicator first. If it shows that the clock has lost charge, you then have got to charge it. You also can check the manual given with your watch to know how much time it will take actually.

Solar watches are meant to be charged under sunlight. Sunlight is a free source of energy that can charge your watch really fast. It is actually the fastest, most efficient way for charging solar watches.

How to Charge A Solar Watch

Usually, you can keep the watch exposed to the sunlight for around 3 minutes, and it will easily store enough energy that will help it last for an entire day.

It takes twenty to thirty hours to fully charge the clock which will last for up to six months. You just need to put your watch directly under the sun. Place it beside your window or any place where there is adequate sunlight.

Charging Without Sunlight

Well, do not get astonished by the heading. It is actually possible to charge the watch without sunlight on a rainy or a cloudy day or even at night even though it is absolutely normal for you to think that solar watches are meant to be charged through sunlight.

Comparatively, it takes more time, yet it is useful for people who live in cold countries. Artificial lights are used to do the job. All you need to do is place your watch in front of a lamp in a manner that the light directly falls on your watch preferably maintaining a distance of eight to twenty inches.

A table lamp is really ideal for this job. UV bulbs do the work faster than any other light. You can do this before going to sleep at night. Make sure you keep the watch in check. Do not let it get too hot by the heat of the light.

Compared to sunlight, artificial light is going to take much more time for obvious reasons. At least three and a half hours is needed to get enough charge for a day, which is why I ask you to apply this method while you are sleeping.

Charging the Solar Watch

It takes almost sixty to one hundred and fifty hours for artificial lights to fully charge the watch. The manual of your watch will also have information about how much time your particular brand of watch is going to need to be charged using artificial lights.

On cloudy or rainy days, essential daylight will also work. For sure, it will take more time, but it will get the job done. Also, it will take lesser time than artificial lights.

Charging the Solar Watch Temporarily

You do not need to charge your watch until it reaches at least a level of eighty-five percent. If it does, you can even charge it while walking into broad daylight just by exposing your watch towards the light.

Solar Watch

Assuming, you cannot fully charge it in one session as it takes twenty to thirty hours, then you can put it under sunlight every day for a little while. By this way, eventually, it will be fully charged at a point.

Temporary charging is more comfortable than doing it at a stretch. It will seem less time consuming as you are charging the watch a bit every day.

Comparison Between Sunlight and Artificial lights:

As you know solar watches are meant to be charged by sunlight. It is also beneficial for your watch.

The heat from the sunlight will not cause any harm to your watch whereas, the heat produced by the artificial lights can cause significant damage. For this reason, you cannot put your watch under artificial lights for too long.

Keeping the fact of heat damage aside, you have no other way to charge your watch in winter other than using artificial lights. So, if sunlight is available do not even think of using any other source of light. Without sunlight, artificial lights are your only way to go.


As you already know that charging a solar watch is really simple and easy. Also, the only fastest way to have the best results is exposure to sunlight.

There are some devices available on the market by which you can charge your watch with artificial lights faster, without causing any damage to it. Though I personally have not used any of them, you will find positive reviews about them all over the internet.

Never forget to pull your sleeves up while you are outside. You should always keep one thing in mind that the charge won’t last forever.

The battery of the solar watches does last a lot longer than the ordinary watches, but it will drain eventually. I have heard that if you take care of the clock correctly, then it will last up to fourteen to sixteen years.

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