How to Clean Solar Lights?

All the resources are supposed to come to an end once, but this is the sunlight that keeps on going and utilizing this gift for powering the lights a blessing for us. The solar lights use sunlight to lighten our yards, gardens and even your houses when the sun is down.

To get the best results and maximum output, the lights need to be kept clean. Otherwise, the solar panel of the solar lights can't receive the sunlight in appropriate proportion due to the accumulation of debris.

Without stretching further, let me tell you the ways how you can keep your lights clean and dirt free for receiving the best result even at night.

Why Cleaning is Required?

Solar lights work by receiving sunlight from the environment; hence, the lights need to be exposed. This leads them at high risk of accumulating debris. Likewise, when the solar lights are filled with dirt, it cannot receive the sunlight properly.

In that sense, regular maintenance is important for getting the most output from the solar lights and the lights should be cleaned for smooth running. In fact, regular maintenance through cleaning will extend the lifetime of the solar rays as well.

Furthermore, it is essential to clean the lights regularly to ensure the maximum output as well as to increase the shelf life of the lights.

Parts of Solar Lights

There are mainly three parts of solar lights that require regular cleaning. They are:

Solar Panel

This is actually the surface of the solar light that can be obstructed by the dirt, and the cover can become gloomy. The board should be checked at least once in a month to ensure that it is receiving the maximum amount of light during the day time.

Solar Panel

Light Cover

For longevity, the solar lights are usually covered by a plastic or sometimes by a glass. This cover protects the light from outdoor debris to some extent. As the cover is coming in direct contact with the environment, it gradually becomes cloudy and reduces the amount of light during the night.

Therefore, a regular check is very important for meeting the need of view as well as to ensure that the cover is clean.


If the solar lights are installed in a humid climate, the cells of it are more likely to oxidize by the moisture collected from the environment. That also reduces the power of light. In this case, the batteries should be cleaned once in every three months.

Solar Panel Light

Cleaning Different Parts of Solar Lights 

Cleaning solar lights require some essential tools and will take less than one hour per view. Dish soap, few paper towels or a cloth, a Phillips screwdriver, a soft brush are the materials that are more than enough to keep your solar lights clean.

Clean Solar Lights

Solar Panel

As mentioned earlier that  as the solar panel is set on top of the solar light and accumulates debris within a concise time, cleaning the panels is very easy. At first, loose debris needs to be removed with a damp paper or a towel, then wipe the surface of the board for removing the buildup.

To remove the gloominess, apply a small amount of dish soap using a cloth on the surface. Once it’s done, wipe off the surface with a clean cloth to remove the remaining solvent.

Light Cover

The lights that are fitted in the humid climate tend to become cloudy than the one provided in the drier weather. Accordingly, the covers are usually made of plastic and glass. More or less, these covers also can be cleaned the same way the protection of the panel is cleaned.


The batteries erosion can be identified by the deposition of the white like the powder in the surface of the metal. As soon as you see the dust, remove the batteries from the lights and clean it with a soft brush.

If the corrosion is more difficult to remove, only a soft brush is not enough, you have to use sandpaper to remove that corrosion. To prevent further erosion, you need to ensure that the housing is dry before replacing the batteries after cleaning into the solar lights.

Last but not the least, after cleaning each component, you need to keep in mind that before reassembling the parts should be dry. That is to prevent further erosion as moisture might be entrapped  and will make the lights dirty again quickly.


However, by the blessing of technology, today we can use natural sources like sunlight for lightning our yard and our house. So it is mandatory to maintain and keep the lights clean for getting the maximum output.

Likewise, above the ways are given through which you can clean the lights and the parts of it to get the best result.

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