How to Install Solar Panels – Step by Step?

As days are going by, you will see that people are upgrading their house by installing solar panels. You might be curious about the fact that why this has become a trend. To enlighten you, solar panels are used to absorb sunlight and convert the energy into electricity.

Installing solar panels comes with multiple advantages which are beneficial for the people and their family.

If you install it, you will be able to reap the rewards. You will be filled with joy the first time you see your electricity bill dropped down beyond your expectation. The most important benefit of a solar panel is, the whole charging process is free of cost since it all comes from the Sun itself through sunlight.

Sunlight will do the work for your process. The panels will convert the solar energy from the sun to electrical energy which you can use for your daily necessities.

The installation process has various levels that you should know because different homes have different requirements. After reading all of this, you must be curious to know more about solar installation.

For your ease, 5 steps are provided so that you can have an overall view of the installation.

How to Install Solar Panels

Read on to find out more.

1. Call A Solar Installer

When you have finally set your mind to go for solar panels, you should start by contacting a solar installer. If you have neighbors who have solar panels installed, ask them to give you the contact number of the installer, or you can even search the internet regarding various solar installers in your area.

The installer will then take a tour of your home. They will look at your rooftop, check the areas where the intensity of sunlight is strong, look at your electric panel box, etc.

A Solar Installer

If the person says that your panel box needs to be changed and upgraded, you should know that more circuits are required for the solar panel at your home which your current panel box can’t handle.

They will check your home and ask you a couple of questions about your home, electricity bill for the last 3 months, the current condition of the roof and the kind of materials it is made of and so on. If you are lucky, they might show you some ways that you can pay the money easily.

2. Solar Panel Diagram and Filling Out the Paperwork

This is an important step to confirm your purchase. The information collected by the installer will determine the kind of solar panel that will fit in your home perfectly. Then, the person will draw an overall diagram of the solar panel with all the accurate measurements (length, breadth, height, etc.).

They will also tell you the number of solar panels you’ll need for your home considering your wiring system, grid connection, and power output. All of the information will be submitted to the department that mainly deals with this kind of work. You will have to submit paperwork to the federal, local and state authorities.

The paperwork will be done by the installer, so you don't have to feel worried thinking of all the hassles. Next, you have to get building permits about the solar installation. This permit will include the area that your panel will be covering.

So, this paperwork should also be submitted. The time for the installation will depend on the submission of the paperwork by the installer and getting the green signal.

3. Choose the Equipment 

After that, the installer will be consulting with you about the kind of equipment that you can choose from many of their suggestions. The equipment will determine the efficiency of the solar panel. So, gather some knowledge from the website before choosing.

Solar Panel Equipment

4. Installation of Solar Panel

The day for the installation will be very important for you as your vision will gradually come true along with the installation. To be on the safer side, keep your kids away from the area of installation.

You will be able to see the installer doing their magic with the electrical connections and how the electrical wiring is connected to the panel box and the overall solar power system. The inverters will also be connected to the panel so that the direct current can be converted into alternating current.

This process of installation is lengthy. You can expect to get it done within 2 to 3 days depending on the size of the solar panel and your roof arrangement.

5. Local Inspection

It is not over with the installation of the panels and there are some formalities yet to be dealt with. There will be local representatives on behalf of the government and authoritarian people governed by the law that will be inspecting the installation. They will check the electrical connection, safety issues and the similarity between the data's submitted and the real installation.

The inspection is important as it is a ‘double check' done for your safety. You will have to wait for their approval for a couple of weeks, and if all goes smooth, they will give you the green signal. Once you have the clearance, it is time to switch the solar panels on.

You won’t need other forms of electricity after that because solar panels will be your ultimate savior.

From charging your phone to using a computer, everything will function smoothly like they would with the regular form of electricity. You won't feel a difference in the usage, but you will surely see a difference in your bills and expenditure.


Reading the whole article should have given you the information that you were looking for. Contribute to society and promote green living. Inspire others to do the same.

Don’t waste any time! Install the panels as soon as possible!

Good luck! 

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